Like a passing season, you
Left everything in our memories
You said that you’re gonna leave laughing, laughing
That we shouldn’t be dramatic
About tomorrow when we’ll both be alone
That’s how you’ll do it

Tonight above the dark night sky
Cover the cloud and this star
This unstoppable rain falls down
It bids me a final farewell in your place
Because I gave you a clear umbrella

Your unforgettable back
Can’t be hidden
I can’t come to terms with this result
Is it that I can’t detangle my heart
I can’t be guilty or hate
It’s such a complicated situation that if I’m not careful, even the air will betray me

I save your back in my memories
I carve your name in a deep, unforgettable place
Even the times I close my eyes are wasteful
I’m thankful that this rain that drapes before me is clear

Like paint spread out, you
Gave me all of your colors
You fade, even though you fade
I leave you to time
Leave everything to time and tide
Like we promised to meet in the far future

If saying goodbye was for you to travel
If I was okay when you turned around
I would have softly said bye to your back and
Say that it’s a relief that it’s raining because of my tears
I wait with memories that makes my heart ache

I smile after letting you go now
I believe because I waited for you
For a while, I alone
Draw our farewell
This unstoppable rain falls
This painting is getting wet
One step before me
You already took your first step
And you’re getting farther away


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